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Dear Investor

100 years ago, the first Jewish community arrived in the land of Israel. There was nothing here upon their arrival. There was only swamp with Malaria mosquitos and no infrastructure, no agriculture, and no factories.


By using the faculties of their mind, were able to turn nothing into Hi –Technology to serve the world.

Over the years, The land of Israel became the state of Israel and the Hi –Technology became the locomotive of the economy in Israel and gave the world many developments like Waze, Disk on key, and groundbreaking medical research. Every day many people in Israel are proactive with new ideas and new start-ups.

We in TARGET group, offer you to be part of this success. To invest in the Hi-technology field and to enjoy Israeli's Hi-tech resources.


We've grown up in the mainstream of the Israeli Hi-Tech world and know the Israeli Hi-tech Industry well- including the startups, the developers of those start-ups, and the concepts. In addition, we offer you a tour at the Israeli Hi-technology companies you are interested in.

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TARGET Group will be a growth engine for companies and enterprises, by business development, increasing sales, opening up new markets, connecting with the right people, raising capital and technology consulting. Our uniqueness is in understanding the entire picture both - technologically and financially. We grew up in the heart of Israeli high-tech and we live and breathe the Israeli economy with global understanding.  We in TARGET, offer you a range of business and technological services. We have the tools and experience to help you jump-start your business and develop your idea further in technology. Together, we will build a business strategy, precise planning and concrete solutions which help you reach your TARGET in business.




Experienced manager and entrepreneur who has four companies of his own

After a successful exit from two technology companies, David decided to focus in the renewable energy industry and has established several projects, including renewable energy from solar batteries, algae, electric batteries and tidal energy.  Prior to his immigration to Israel, David worked on UN and World Bank projects in Africa. David holds a degree in economics from University of Cambridge and engineering from the University of Rochester. David has extensive experience and a global perspective in the field of Healthcare, Agriculture and Renewable energy.

David Waimann


Experienced project manager, managed over a dozen successful sophisticated projects 

When Moshe turned to Joe and David to raise Target Group, he wants to be a growth engine for companies and ventures. The combination of extensive technological knowledge and business vision is a winning card in business. Moshe has managed projects for more than a decade in large companies in the Israeli economy and has extensive knowledge in high-tech fields including Materials, Engineering, MEMS, Environmental Engineering, Water and Renewable Energy. And with business experience, has the ability to distinguish innovation and opportunities.

Moshe Aharon 


Joseph van Zwaren 
VP bus dev 

Entrepreneur , 25 years bringing technology to industry   

25 years at the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology have made Joe an entrepreneur in the soul and a master of science and technology. Joe headed the national Optronics program for scientific research, in the field of Electro - optics, Lasers, Internet technologies and microelectronics. The program, headed by Joe, has been a huge success with a $ 1 billion funding for 54 research projects involving 150 scientists and most importantly, a high success rate in transferring knowledge from research to industry. Joe was also responsible for implementing the first and second generations of the Internet in Israel through an agreement with the US government. In recent years, Joe has been involved in technology and business development and has established the Jerusalem Entrepreneurs' Forum- JBNF. Joe holds a bachelor's degree in Physics and Nanotechnology from the Free University of Brussels.



Health Care



StressFactor creates a new powerful diagnostics kit to measure the REAL chronic stress we carry and its far reaching effects by compromising immune functions.
StressFactor uses an innovative blood test to quantify and score the chronic stress level in each patient. StressFactor wants to change the core definition of chronic stress, and also identify appropriate solutions to counter its effect 
on our immune system.
This technology is now protected by a granted U.S patent, as well as several other trade secrets.



VOTIS helps diabetics keep their feet. A cut, a nick, or even an abrasion in the foot of a diabetic may quickly develop into an infection or gangrene. When this happens, the only solution may be to amputate.

The VOTIS system enables healthcare providers to screen the feet of diabetics for specific diabetic foot pathologies before symptoms arise, enabling a range of less severe treatment Options



MagBiosense, is a medical device company focused on the development of a breakthrough high-sensitivity, diagnostic platform for use at the point-of-care MagBiosense is the first to offer both ultra-high sensitivity and the convenience of a small footprint device with low cost disposables.


MagBiosense patented Magnetic Modulation Biosensing (MMB) technology uniquely combines magnetic and fluorescent labeling of target biomarkers, (e.g., cTnI, Zika virus, dengue, yellow fever, etc.) and applies an external magnetic field to increase fluorescence sensitivity. MMB reduces the diagnosis time of a heart attack by 65%, and thereby offering faster treatment, reduced ED dwell times, and decreased costs.



RestoreMedical is developing stent as a solution to the Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). CHF caused by the shape's change of the left ventricle. CHF causes symptoms, from chronic fatigue to heart attack and death. Today there is no real solution to the problem, except for extreme and expensive solutions such as pump transplantation or heart transplantation. RestoreMedical is developing a stent that is implanted in each of the pulmonary arteries to increase pressure in the right heart



Many of the body's sounds are currently disregarded since they are out of the audible range, resulting in losses of invaluable medical information that can improve the lives of millions and substantially reduce medical costs.
Based on its core technologies, which include a wide-band electronic pick-up, Big Data algorithms, chest sound localization means, 3D computerized display, Artificial Intelligence and non-ionizing acoustic Imaging, Bat-Call is developing cost-effective systems that:
• Capture chest sounds/infra-sounds - listening to sounds out of audible range
• Deep learning computerized classification of specific irregularities.
• Map sound source to physical 3D organ highlighting abnormality.
• Estimate patient chest functionality.


Smart Bio Products

Smart Bio Products is developing process for efficient and low-cost production of bio-plastics from jellyfish. This is done by crosslinking the active components in the jellyfish and optimization of the ratio between the active components in the material (Mucins, Collagens) in order to control the mechanical properties of the resulting polymer. Nano-materials are added to the mucin protein thus allowing the engineering of the plastic material.



Q-Rones is developing a breakthrough treatment for TBI.

In fact today there is no real treatment for head injuries.


The company develops a head injury treatment, using a polymer, injected into the injured area and renewing the injured area.

In the polymer itself, advanced differentiate stem cells are implanted. In that way the polymer links the injured area the rest of the brain, while the stem cells differentiate into nerve cells.

Agriculture and Cannabis



PhytoPharma enables universal access to the healing qualities of cannabis through its novel delivery and technological platforms. BeePure honey allowing bees to naturally express THC and CBD in their
honey within a remarkably bioavailable range of products, like: Completely novel, IP-protected, non-infused, natural edible products. High bioavailability of BeePure enables more immediate impact than infused edibles and more.



SupPlant has development control system for agriculture corps.
Unique product combining agriculture knowledge and engineering knowledge focusing on agriculture corps.


SEED Tech Temed

SEED Tech Temed has developed Seed reclamation.
A product with thorough thinking and special knowledge, based on years of experience.



AgroWiz is developing and installing software for agricultural product management- ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning.

Artificial intelligence


Cyber Personality Analytic

CPA is developing software for personality analyses The software based on the overt digital data in social media, networks and other web-related behavior.
With this information the company decodes the personality profile of the subject and identifies patterns of behavior.
With that technology the network database give real advantage:
1. Significantly optimize a target campaign.
2. personality analysis and behavior prediction by intelligence agencies and Human resource (HR)


Smart Detection

Smart Detection's targets enable a great shooting experience without constant stopping between rounds to identify and mark hits. Smart Detection's targets identify the hit location (X,Y) and transmit the data to the shooting line, allowing the shooter to use his mobile device to instantly see his hits on the target. Based on optical sensing technology and rugged design, Smart detection offer the best solution suitable for all shooting range conditions and for any distance. Smart Detection's real-time analysis and AI enables professional practice and immediate improvement.


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